Chrysler CEO Applauds Employees in Internal Memo

Chrysler CEO Applauds Employees in Internal Memo

Sergio Marchionne, the CEO of Chrysler Group LLC, has been in the media a lot lately thanks to his successful reinvention of Fiat and Chrysler as profitable companies. Announcing a $183 million net income for 2011 was a good way to start off the day for the surely elated Marchionne.

Having brought the company back from the brink of extinction, Marchionne felt the need to reach out to his colleagues with a letter to inspire confidence in them for the future. You’ll find the highlights below.

“Dear Colleagues, For the second straight year, we have delivered on the ambitious financial targets we set as part of the five-year plan that we revealed to the world on Nov. 4, 2009. In the results that we announced today, we posted net income of $225 million in the fourth quarter, and full-year net income of $183 million. We also reported a modified operating profit of $508 million in Q4 2011, and $2 billion for the total year.”

Marchionne continues to provide all of the positive numbers Chrysler has been posting lately, and went on to some motivational words to his workers.

“Based on the Company’s 2011 achievements, I am pleased to inform you that a performance award payment will be made to all eligible salaried and represented employees. This is a reward that you have earned. The more difficult the task, the more satisfying it is to overcome all obstacles. You have been to hell and back, and you defied predictions of our demise. Your efforts rewrote the history that so many naysayers had forecast. As we move forward with Fiat, let’s remain flexible in order to continue to achieve and take advantage of changing conditions while maintaining the same high level of passion and integrity that has brought us the measure of success we have had so far.”

While some of the “to hell and back” references are a little cheesy, no one can deny the steps forward Chrysler and Fiat have made since 2009. To end off his letter Marchionne touts himself as a proud CEO and tells his employees to take personal pride in their work.

“Now it’s time to stay steadfast on our path, guided by the same commitment and same values that we have used to steer toward a better destiny. Make tough, informed decisions; hold yourself and others accountable; and together we will write yet another successful chapter in our history. I am proud to be with you in the reconstruction of a great Chrysler.”

[Source: Detroit News]