Chrysler Superbowl Commercial to Star Clint Eastwood

Chrysler Superbowl Commercial to Star Clint Eastwood

There’s no question that Chrysler‘s “Imported from Detroit” Super Bowl ad from last year will be a tough act to follow, nonetheless the automaker is doing what it can to exceed expectations again.

Sticking with a gritty theme, albeit in a different style, Chrysler has enlisted the services of veteran actor and director Clint Eastwood, who is expected to give the country a tough talking to in Walt Kowalski style, though we doubt the ad will feature a 1972 Ford Gran Torino Sport or off-color banter.

Like “Imported from Detroit,” this year’s commercial will air for two minutes during this Sunday’s Superbowl XLVI. Considering that it costs around $3.5 million for just 30 seconds of air time during the game, Chrysler is clearly feeling lucky about making the audiences’s day this year.

[Source: wxyz action news]

Watch the ad below:

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  • grace

    Chrysler and the literacy non profit organization,Beyond Basics, celebrates the VERY BEST of DETROIT!! And there is so much to celebrate!!!! To learn more visit

  • ugenep4

    OOhra clinta, Super Bowel commercial says it all for America!!!!!

  • Angel

    This commercial made my day!!!!

  • cindy

    Fabulous! Loved it!! Its half time America!!

  • Jack Forrestal

    Loved the AD….the BEST ever,,,thought content was right on, presentation straight forward,,no screaming. just as it is..Adv. Council
    take note

  • Gracie

    Why is everyone getting excited about an advertisement for a FORMER american company that is now owned by Italians?

  • David Phares

    This resonates with me on several personal and professional levels.

  • PAT2MARY1987