Collectors Team Up to Buy Saab Heritage Collection

Collectors Team Up to Buy Saab Heritage Collection

With the liquidation of Saab‘s North American assets and cars from the Heritage Collection put up for auction recently, many were no doubt curious to see where said vehicles ended up.

As it turns out, the cars have been acquired by two prominent collectors, Bill Jacobson who runs Sports Car Service in Wilmington, Delaware and Tom Donney of Donney Motors in Fort Dodge, Iowa.

Bill bought the 1967 Sonnett III, the 1978 99 Turbo, 1986 900 convertible, 1990 Skip Barber Pro Series open wheel car and the 1997 900 SE Talladega record setter, while Tom acquired the 1952 92, 1956 Sonnett Super Sport (shown above), 1960 93F Gran Turismo 750, Eric Carlsson’s 1960 96 RAC rally winner and the 1987 9000 Talladega record setting machine.

With both men recognized in the Saab community as serious collectors, enthusiasts and specialist mechanics, there’s no question that despite being split in half, the cars in the Heritage Collection have indeed gone to good homes.

Considering that Bill and Tom are very active in the classic Saab scene, having already amassed impressive collections of vintage Saab models it’s likely these cars will surface again at Saab events and conventions.

In fact, Bill, who has 12-15 examples from his collection on display at any one time, recently mentioned that plans are already afoot for a special Saab exhibit at the Simeone Automotive Museum in Philadelphia either this fall or next spring.

Meanwhile, there are also rumors circulating that Tom’s collection, which now numbers some 60 Saab vehicles with the new additions, could also form the basis for a possible Saab North America museum.

[Source: Saabs United]