Custom 1965 Ford Mustang Station Wagon [Retro Resale]

Custom 1965 Ford Mustang Station Wagon [Retro Resale]

This may seem more like a unicorn than a Mustang, but sure enough before your eyes is a custom 1965 Ford Mustang Station Wagon built by Joe Kamp. It’s also now available for sale for $54,900 and with 93,965 miles on the odometer, it’s clearly been built to be driven.

By using a clean, original Mustang Hardtop as the foundation, the wagon body was created with 100-percent steel and uses as many factory components as possible. The original roof was cut, lengthened, slightly widened, and installed with sections of the original C-pillars out back. From there, the rear tailgate and window were made using the original hardtop pieces and deck lid.

Once all the body work was completed, the Mustang Station Wagon was painted in a brilliant red finish while gold Shelby-style stripes were added to provide some contrast to the aesthetics. Under the hood is a traditional Ford 5.0L V8 powerplant mated to a T5 five-speed manual transmission. A set of original 15-inch Mustang wheels were fitted to the body, wrapped with 215/70/15 BFGoodrich T/A rubber.

And with the station wagon conversion taking place on this Mustang, the interior had to be overhauled to match the unusual style of the body. A bench-style front seat was installed along with a custom center console with a filler in between the seats to give the illusion of a bench, but the comfort of bucket seats. The brown vinyl is traditional ’60s styling while the tan seen on the dash and kick panels gives it a sense of elegance.

Whatever happened to the original Mustang Station Wagon is still a mystery, but this custom Wagon that’s for sale is probably the closest anyone will ever get to the mythical original.

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[Source: RK Motors]

  • glenn baxter

    i would like to know if joe kamp could send me a email and tell me more about the ford mustang wagon he build and if he could build me one and how much would it cost to do that in australia money

  • I know that Ford built 10 Mustang Wagons for test models in 1965. This maybe one of them.

  • I know that Ford built 10 Mustang Wagons for test models in 1965. This maybe one of them.