Ferrari 620 GT Third Teaser Video Released

Ferrari 620 GT Third Teaser Video Released

Ferrari‘s 620 GT has been anything but scarce in the media. With leaked images spreading across the internet last week and sketches giving a vivid picture before the Geneva debut, we’re more-or-less aware of the car ahead of time.

Despite that, the Italian automaker is still releasing teaser footage which probably falls short of the thrill last week’s leaked photos produced.

This is the third clip to hit the web, but don’t expect anything exciting. We get a few fleeting glimpses of the 620 being sculpted from clay and few design sketches played over dramatic music, but that’s it. Maybe we should all be congratulating Ferrari for staying strong and holding back.

We’ll be covering the official unveiling next week at the Geneva Auto Show, until then you can watch the video below.

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