Ferrari F50 at Auction for $65,000, Repairs Required

Ferrari F50 at Auction for $65,000, Repairs Required

In 2009, an FBI agent tasked with transporting a seized Ferrari F50 failed to safely deliver the cargo, instead wrecking the vehicle and sparking a fight with the vehicle’s insurance company.

Now, a Ferrari F50 that seems to match the description, seen in the gallery below, of the car originally stolen from a dealership in Philadelphia is up for auction and only bid thus far up to $65,000.

That’s quite a discount from the $750,000 price tag the F50 would carry without its present injuries. Still, repairing a Ferrari is anything but a poor man’s path to performance, expect to spend an awful lot of money to have anything remotely close to the original car.

Vehicle Inspection Pros, a group that works with the auction company selling the F50, charges $150 just to tell you what’s wrong with the car. While that’s peanuts to anyone buying a car, the body damage looks severe enough to warrant serious repair bills.

Unless spending more than $65,000 on something that might just be a scrap heap appeals to you, there are much better exotic options. Sure it’s not an F50, but if Ferraris are your thing there are about 100 Ferrari 360 Modena’s on Ebay right now within that price range.

GALLERY: Wrecked Ferrari F50


[Source: Jalopnik]

  • Kevdogg454

    That doesn’t surprise me one bit coming from the federal government. I wouldn’t trust the FBI to drive my granny to the market for groceries, much less have them transport my f50 ferrari.. looks like those folks got what they paid for. Lmao!!