Fiat-Chrysler Still Seeking Partners According to CEO Sergio Marchionne

Fiat-Chrysler Still Seeking Partners According to CEO Sergio Marchionne

FiatChrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne isn’t one to sit idle. The head of both automakers recently said that he is actively searching for possible automotive alliances.

Marchionne has always been a firm believer that automakers should collaborate in sharing development and production costs. “We’re on the move,” Marchionne said on the sidelines of an industry event in Brussels, “We can be an active partner everywhere around the world.”

The CEO is not limiting himself to any automaker partnership either, stating that they will look at every viable option, even though there might not be many left in Europe. As for Asia, Suzuki and Mazda are among those that Marchionne is looking at, but won’t limit himself to these saying “there are many opportunities to look at.”

Marchionne also addressed the possible partnership between General Motors and Peugeot saying, “It’s crucial that the European situation is dealt with. If the hypothetical GM-Peugeot deal goes ahead, I hope they will take on the question of overcapacity. They must do it.”

The CEO also acknowledged that this year could see decline of volume in Europe and said that even the most optimistic of forecasts for new vehicles sales in Europe are flat through 2014.

[Source: Automotive News]