Ford B-Max Uses Pillarless Design

Ford B-Max Uses Pillarless Design

The Ford B-Max will bow at the 2012 Geneva Auto Show, and to add to the building excitement Ford has released more photos of the cars unique B-pillarless design.

The easy access doors are really what make the B-max an interesting product. The B-pillar has been replaced by high strength steel which is capable of handling five times the amount of stress as the conventional design. This allows for the entire side on the B-max to be open thanks to rear sliding doors. “Door systems like this have been a designer’s dream for many years,” says Stefan Lamm, the exterior design director at Ford of Europe. When fully opened, the side doors offer an expanse that is just under five feet of unobstructed luggage loading glory.

While the B-max will not be making its way to North America, we hope that this unique engineering will eventually find its way into some North American cars.