Ford Demands GM, NBC Pull Chevy Silverado Super Bowl Ad [Video]

Ford Demands GM, NBC Pull Chevy Silverado Super Bowl Ad [Video]

Things just got mighty interesting with the Super Bowl ads, with Ford sending a cease-and-desist over to both General Motors and NBC in hopes that the Chevrolet Silverado apocalypse ad won’t air during the big game.

It’s probably too little, too late considering the commercial has already been seen several million times on the Internet, but the impact it could have being played during the big game clearly still worries Ford. The American automaker has asked NBC to pull the $7-million, one-minute ad from the Super Bowl but it appears that NBC will not be respecting that request. At the time of this writing, the ad will still be played and we can’t imagine NBC pulling it at this point in time.

GM Global Chief Marketing Officer, Joel Ewanick, is clearly finding the situation a little on the lighter side, releasing this in a statement: “We can wait until the world ends, and if we need to, we will apologize,” Ewanick said. “In the meantime, people who are really worried about the Mayan calendar coming true should buy a Silverado right away.”

Ford spokesman Mike Levine has confirmed that Ford did send a letter to Chevy in regards to the ad and that Ford has a gripe with the durability claims that GM is putting out about their products.

In case you’ve missed the ad, check it out after the break.

[Source: Yahoo! Autos]

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  • H2O

    What’s wrong with this commercial,it’s funny as hell!

  • Paul Lindo

    There should be some laws that prohibits companies from false and misleading advertisements. Ford truck has been number 1 in sales for 30 years (fact), Ford’s F150 is a top safety pick (GM’s truck is not), so if there is more Fords on the road with over 250,000 miles than GM, then GM should explain their claims or stop misleading the public. Plus, true truck people knows that the present GM trucks are outclassed in every way by the new F150.

  • Johann

    PETAs gonna have a hey day

  • Andie Gee

    I thought it was very funny! hyperbole is always good for a laugh…and yes, the “plopping” sound the frogs made at the end were even funny! (sorry, PETA, would you rather the little critters went to an American slaughter house, or dropped from the sky?)

  • Aussie Dave

    I prefer Fords, but heck, that was one funny and cool add. People should relax and enjoy the humor rather than the advertising message.

  • cls5527

    “Ford To Recall 1.1 Million Trucks Whose Gas Tanks Could Fall Off”
    enough said.

  • josh

    I know Ford makes a better vehicle than gm. That was one of the better commercials anyway. Everybody claims they make the best truck.

  • Gerry


  • Jake

    Thank god I dont have a Ford raptor they have a recall for frame bending. Lets not forget 2012 mustang has a trans made in China now 21,ooo people have lawsuits at ford. Also the Ford F1fixme with 3.5 liter twin turbo engine has its turbos go before 100k miles car and driver magazine had an article on this. Ill stick with my simple but tough Chevy