Ford Releases New Daytona 500 Mustang Commercial

Ford Releases New Daytona 500 Mustang Commercial

Ford will be running a new Mustang commercial at this weekends upcoming Daytona 500, though the ad is already available online.

The company says that most Mustang purchases stem from the car’s exterior looks and the options available for customization. Giving individual color choice, style, and engine options is the new Mustang ad’s theme.

As the car cruises, it changes form based on whoever happens to be ogling it at that moment, becoming whatever that person desires.

The spot does take a weird turn near then end, when a little girl in a tutu gets a glance. Rather than her wanting a bright pink fluffy version, she would rather have a blacked out GT500. She also looks a little, um, different in the reflection. Maybe you understand where Ford is going with that one, but we sure don’t. Weird…

Which Mustang fits your fancy? Let us know in the comments section below.

Check out the ad after the jump.

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  • Chad

    I think it is obvious what is going on with the little girl. She may be wearing a pink tutu, but inside, she is a rocker wearing all black and wants to be wild. She is probably be forced to take dance lessons.

  • Why would she see herself as a creepy little angel of death? Weird stuff Ford……Really Weird.

  • Teeeeee heeee heeee. I know what it’s all about. I think you do too Chad 😉

  • MichaelZ

    I like the commercial. And Billy haven’t you ever heard of the black swan? First, it’s a movie with natalie portman, second it is one of the characters from the ballet Swan Lake.

  • Andreas

    She is a good little girl on the outside but the car can see her from the inside.

  • Rickey Cook

    this commerical is as great as the car.

  • Scot

    Who are the actors in the commercial? The guy on the bike looks like he’s one of actors from the Lord of the Rings movies (archer maybe). And the chef, I can’t place him but I think he was a professional athlete that I recognize.

  • Hurd43

    Looks like falcon te Tony Gonzales, but I don’t think so

  • Truther1

    That is some sick subliminal pedophile mind control stuff they have going on at the end of the commercial.  Showing the innocent little girl with all the men then she’s a black swan.  Why Ford? Why?

  • moonaddict

    how tall this the girl in the red dress…i say over 7 feet, my husband say 6’5″..does anyone know??

  • Bobgodfrey1a

    The little girl does not look weird. She wants to play the black swan in the ballet. Hence the car turns black and she is show with black outfit complete with black wings.Any one familiar with the ballet swan lake or the movie black swan would get this.

  • Johnathon Davis

    @Bobgodfrey1a That’s screwed up bud. If YOU’RE familiar with the movie then that makes you some kind of pervert…

  • Bgmcnerney

    Please, who is the great looking woman in red?  Also, didn’t  anyone see “Black Swan”?  

  • Bgmcnerney

    are you kidding?  You’re the sick bastard!  Get your head out of the gutter.  This was a cool commercial.

  • Tptcd

    Really? Nobody gets what the little girl represents? It’s not about how the world sees you, it’s about the inner bad ass you see in yourself.

  • Kybelle

    She’s not a swan, she a angel