Formula One Wants New Contract with Nürburgring

Formula One Wants New Contract with Nürburgring

The Nürburgring race facility is currently seeking a new operator, which has left a lot of race promoters and organizers wanting new contracts for the German race venue.

Newest to insist on a new contract is Formula One and Bernie Ecclestone, and currently the future of the biennial event doesn’t look good. But Ecclestone desires to found a solution and has no gripes to agree to a new contract so long as the government finds a new partner that agrees to have the race. The current F1 world champion, Sebastian Vettel, is German, which is probably motivating Ecclestone to want to resolve the contract issue as soon as possible.

Roger Lewentz, the relevant state governor minister has told the media that he is willing to meet with Ecclestone.

“We want to continue with formula one at the Nürburgring, but at a reasonable rate,” he said.

[Source: WorldCarFans]