Hertz Looks to Government to Enforce Repair of Recalled Rental Vehicles

Hertz Looks to Government to Enforce Repair of Recalled Rental Vehicles

Rental car company Hertz is looking to the government for enforcement on the repair of recalled vehicles before they are returned to the rental lot and offered to the public.

Currently, the largest rental car company in the industry has an internal policy requiring all recalled vehicles to be immediately fixed before being rented out again. But not all rental car companies abide by that belief. As a result, there are plenty of rental cars out there on the road that have been recalled but never brought in to be repaired.

So long as a vehicle isn’t on their lot to be rented out, that company is losing money… and most businesses aren’t in the business to lose money.

Unfortunately NHTSA can only oversee automotive manufacturers currently, but has been investigating the rental car industry to discover that many highly demanded vehicles are often rented out despite not being repaired. This is a bold move from Hertz, and as much as we’d like to believe that they’re doing it to enhance the general public’s safety, it’s more likely that they’re looking for a way to level the playing field while looking like the good guys.

Nonetheless, everyone should benefit from such government oversight. Less possible risk of injury to the customer, which in turn means no lawsuits like what Enterprise had to deal with when two women died due to a recalled vehicle being rented out.

[Source: The Detroit Bureau]