Honda Faces Class Action Lawsuit, Broken Windows to Blame

Honda Faces Class Action Lawsuit, Broken Windows to Blame

A group of angry customers filed a class action lawsuit against Honda because they say the company manufactured and sold vehicles with defective window mechanisms.

“The right passenger side window fell into the door of my 2002 Honda Odyssey LX in September 2011. It was a startling, loud sound that jolted me,” plaintiff Phyllis Grodzitsky of San Diego said. “I lost use of my Odyssey for two days and it cost over $400 to fix the window. I made a complaint to Honda. Honda said there is no recall for the window systems on my vehicle. I feel that arrogance by a large corporation in response to a safety issue is unacceptable in this day and age.”

The suit claims such a defect poses a hazard to drivers and passengers nationwide. The vehicles said to be affected  include Honda Odyssey (pictured above), Pilot, Element, Accord, CR-V, Civic and Acura MDX models from years 1994 to 2007.

According to the plaintiff’s lawyers, there is a defective piece of plastic that is meant to keep the windows in place while the window motor operates. Their claim suggests that piece of plastic breaks under normal operating conditions, causing the defect Grodzitsky described above.

The lawsuit is being filed against Honda by two disgruntled owners who apparently have gone through repeated repairs in an attempt to fix the same issue.

They may need a good bit of luck and patience to win this, though. Power windows in decade-old cars fail routinely and it’s not outrageous to think that after 10 years of weather and friction that such a part may fail. Honda has a crack-team of vicious lawyers who deal with cases like these as if they were insects.

Cases like these also rarely render significant compensation for the plaintiffs. A woman recently took Honda to small claims court over lower-than-expected mileage in her Civic hybrid. She chose that route because even when won, class action suits often offer little more than a coupon for cheaper repairs and minor monetary compensation.

We’ll keep an eye on the case and let you know how it progresses. What are your thoughts? Tell us below.


  • Barbaraleiken93

    4/24/12 Cleveland, Ohio

    The rear window of my Honda CRV 2009 exploded when closing it after unloading groceries. Glass went flying everywhere. Thought a safety feature in cars was that the glass did not explode. Defective, dangerous situation. Honda should be held responsible. This should be covered and fixed under warranty. There should be a recall. Only a matter of time before there is a serious injury due to this problem.

  • bxrmama2

    Gosh, wish my husband and I could get in on this.  I have a 2006 Honda Element, first the passenger window “disappeared” — along with $300+ out of my pocket — that was in about 2008-09.  Then within the next 12 months, oops…there went my driver’s side window — wouldn’t you know another $300+ vanished simultaneously!  So, other than this “annoyance” and “inconvenience” — as in Arizona in the summer air conditioning is seriously helpful — no other problems with my ’06.  My husband bought a 2003 with less than 26K miles on it, and within about 3 months of him having it…where did his passenger window go?   Oh, yeah…and some money, but he decided he would fix it himself.   (BTW, he’s not a mechanic in any sense of the word) But after buying the small ridiculously priced part,  a special tool, some extra door panel “buttons”, and spending the better part of his day off..he fixed his for about $145.  So, here we are in 2012…today…..where did my passenger window go AGAIN!   Arggggh!   So, just on my 2006, so six-year old vehicle — three times?   Well, I know what’s coming in the next few months…probably should just go ahead and order the new part for my driver’s side!  Ugh.   It really does seem like there should be something the Honda company could do about this “wear-and-tear” part.  Hm, makes you long for a hand-cranked window!  Wonder if this is happening a lot, or it’s just my bad luck.  Those are all my comments.  Thanks. 

  • I have an 1999 Odyssey and a 2002 Odyssey.  Both windows on the 1999 broke and then both on the 2002 which was still under warranty.  The right side window on the 2002 broke two years ago and the left just today.  I’ve seen the pulley and regulator and can say it is the cheapest piece of crap I have ever seen, definitely not Honda’s best moment.  No more Odysseys for me.

  • Guest

    Rear Window on my Honda CR-V just exploded.  Car was sitting in the driveway.  Nobody around.  Quite far from the road.  No rock or other impact could be found inside or outside the vehicle.
    It is an older model 1997.  Will cost a couple hundred to fix.

  • Epirules

    Today, October 14, 2012, after driving our Honda Oddysey 2006 minvan for about 4 miles, parked it outside Kohl’s in Vallejo California. After about half an our, we went back to the van, got into it, and when I closed the front passenger door, we heard this broken tile sound in the back of the van… the back window shattered completely! Will find out if covered by insurance. I am befuddled to read so many similar stories!

  • Victoria K.

    On Friday Oct 25, 2012 after returning from a local grocery store, my husband removed groceries from rear of car . Upon closing the hatch, he heard a crackling sound like ice breaking and walked around the car to find the front passenger side window completely shattered. This was a 2012 Honda CRV , and still under full warrantee.  The main concern is the danger to people.  I had been sitting in the passenger seat at the store when he closed the hatch….I could have been seriously hurt by the exploding glass.  This is a major concern HONDA…are you listening.  

  • Nippersinker

    This just happened to me today. I have a 2006 Honda Element. I rarely use my right window since I am the only driver of my car. I let it down only an inch today and when I tried to roll it up I heard this horrible crunching noise that scared the heck out of me and the glass fell back into the door. I want in on the Class action suit. This happened several years back when Jetta had the same issues. They actually did a recall and replaced theirs…Now maybe I should have bought one of those…

  • Apple12345

    Happened to 2006 Ridgeline today 3/27/13. Back window just shattered. No idea why. I was just standing there, heard a boom, and the back window was in pieces in the trunk bed.

  • Emma0809

    Happened to me today 5/15/13. Parked in a parking space, hit door controls to roll up passenger side rear window on my 2013 CRV and heard a pop and the glass shattered into little pieces everywhere. Never seen or heard anything like this! Vehicle is new only has 3,500 miles.

  • Cygnus

    How do we get in on this suit? I am sitting in a dealer having to get this fixed on my 2006 Element right now and waiting for the bill. I feel fortunate that my glass did not break when it fell like others but the bill is still gonna be over 300 bucks.

  • FedUp

    Just Cost Me Another $400 … First It Was The Passenger Side Window Now The Driver’s Side. I Have A 2005 Honda Element And When I Asked The Dealer If There Was A Recall On The Windows Both Failing Like They Did … I Was Told It’s Just Normal Were And Tear. I Find It Hard To Believe That When A Vehicle’s Window Motor Fails That The Window Should Slam Down Into The Door And The Owner Is Left With Dealing With The Elements Or Theft From No Window. If Anyone Has Any Info On This Lawsuit Or A Recall PLEASE Let Me Know. It Is Not A Good Feeling To Know That At Any Given Time One Of My Windows Could Fall And I Will Have To Fork Out Another $400.

    Thank You

  • Cristobal

    how in the hell I get into this lawsuit.
    My 2012 CR-V rear window just broke!!!
    I called the dealer and they said it must’ve been a rock or something.
    There was nothing inside, the glass was extremely hot and completely cracked throughout the whole window.
    We lived in Indiana for over a year and nothing happened, we moved to Texas and in a week the damn thing broke (don’t want to blame it on the State or anything).
    I own a 2004 Accord which also has a replaced rear window and this 2012 CR-V that is getting a replacement.
    After this, for sure I will change manufacturer…

  • Alan4016

    This happened to me today, 1/26/14. I have a 2014 Honda CRV with 4,600 miles on it. While traveling down the road at approximately 50 MPH, the right rear passenger window exploded into tiny little pieces spraying glass all over my daughter who was sitting next to that door. I bought a Honda because of it’s excellent reputation. Now I’m quite concerned that this cold happen again. I’ll be at the dealership I the morning with this article.

  • KMarcum

    This just happened to me today 7-30-14 with my 2006 Honda pilot rear passenger door. Heard something like a plastic piece break and fall inside the door and then my window fell down. Awesome.

  • Fed up2

    Have now had three of four windows broken due to defective plastic part. Fixed one for 400 dollars because I thought it was my bad luck . After second one broke ,I decide not to get the rear window fixed- I got a mechanic friend to lock it in up position. I assume it is too late to join class action . Honda has never admitted to the defective part when I go in. It is not to late to stop buying Honda . I have Toyota 4 runner and Nissan pathfinder with no problems. Arrogance in service = No sales

  • hoy chim

    On August 1, 2015 I just drove my 2012 Honda Civic along High Way 167 and suddenly the door on the driver side was exploded into tiny little pieces spraying glass all over the car. I was so scare and stop on the High Way. It was small pieces of glass everywhere inside my car, I called my AAA and he removed all the glasses and now I keep this glasses in my drunk. I did called 3 or 4 local glass company and it cost me between $280 to $350 to replace a new glass door on my car. I did call Honda National Customer Service and reported the incident and someone will call me back in 24 hours.

  • LutherPoach

    This just happened to me last night (Nov. 26, 2016) while driving a 2015 Honda Fit. At first I thought someone had taken a shot at me on the freeway, but I didn’t see any bullet holes. The window is still in place, but totally shattered.

  • Durrab Khan

    This just happened to me today – I have a new Honda Accord 2017 Hybrid Car and I was driving in California 880 and suddenly the back seat window exploded – I thought that somebody shoot a bullet or some rock hit – But not at all – I will go to the Auto Nation Honda Accord Service center tomorrow and see what they will come up with.

  • Diane brown

    I have a 2014 Honda CRV we live in Ohio the temperature was 29° this morning I went out open my hatchback put something in shut it went around to the front of my car to brush the snow off I heard something like sound like ice fall I went to the back of the car the rear hatch back window had broke out all the glass fell inside I didn’t do anything to it

  • diane brown

    dont know but i would like to get in to this just happen to me this morning

  • diane brown
  • diane brown

    how do you get n the law suit for the honda crv glass breakage