HRE Wheels Video Show Us How It’s Made

HRE Wheels Video Show Us How It’s Made

Those familiar with the automotive industry probably know HRE Wheels as a brand that lasted through the aftermarket world’s tumultuous business cycles.

After the three-piece wheel boom that saw dozens of new “wheel manufacturers” come and go, the trend turned to single-piece, concave wheels while other companies shot for an old-school look.

HRE isn’t among that group, instead they stayed true to their innovative history, which started in 1979. The Vintage Series is a throwback to the original HRE designs and stays true to the company’s roots. One of the rare brands in the industry that can go back 25 years into their history for a product that fits today’s market.

StanceWorks collaborated with HRE Wheels to bring the Vintage Series to life and recently released a video showcasing how the Vintage Series wheels are made.  The ultimate homage is the fact that the same hands used to polished a classic HRE wheel that was manufactured 25 years ago, are the ones working on the Vintage Series today. The high-quality video features footage of a wheel being manufactured with fittingly-dramatic music in the background.

Those who have seen an HRE wheel generally think the exquisite designs and manufacturing process is second to none. The quality that goes into them make the logo synonymous with perfection in many tuner minds.

Check out the video by clicking here.

[Source: StanceWorks]