Hyundai and Kia Named in Hybrid Patent Lawsuit

Hyundai and Kia Named in Hybrid Patent Lawsuit

Paice LLC, a company whose founder says he developed a high-voltage electrical system to power hybrid vehicles, filed a lawsuit against Korean automakers Hyundai and Kia on the claim that they infringed upon patents held by the company.

This follows on from another long running legal battle  between Paice and Toyota, also over Hybrid technology patents, which endured for some eight years and was finally settled in 2010.

As for the latest suit, Paice claims that it repeatedly tried to contact Hyundai as early as 2004, in order to discuss its patent Hybrid technology, but says that with the development and market introduction of the Sonata Hybrid sedan, the automaker infringed upon three patents owned by Paice.

The technology company  says it wants cash compensation for the infringement as well as an order that will require automakers to get permission before they can use the proprietary technology from Paice.

Ford Motor Company, which has also employed hybrid technology for vehicles such as the popular Escape SUV and Fusion midsize sedan, agreed to use Paice’s technology under license in order to avoid legal issues.

[Source: Auto News]