Hyundai i40 May Get Turbocharged Power

Hyundai i40 May Get Turbocharged Power

While performance and racing are two things that may not come to mind when you think Hyundai, this stereotype is exactly what the Korean company is trying to rid themselves of. The Veloster turbo is the first performance geared vehicle Hyundai is trying push in Europe, and now they are considering adding turbocharged power to the i40, known as the Sonata (2011 Sonata Turbo shown above) here in the U.S.

Allan Rushforth, a senior company executive at Hyundai said “A Hyundai GTI? That’s not just a C-segment question [i30], but a D-segment [i40] one as well,” and continued on to say, “We have talked about such cars and are considering versions not only with more performance, but dynamic improvements to ride and handling, too.”

Already having a dual-clutch setup in the Veloster, it seems likely that Hyundai will carry out its plan to create the performance geared i40 as the main components needed are already in place in the companies current line-up. The i40 will likely come with the same 2.0L 4-cylinder engine as the Sonata Turbo, which makes 274-hp and 269 ft-lbs of torque.

The real question is whether or not the European market will be receptive to full size turbo charged Hyundai.

[Source: Autocar]