Irwindale Speedway Cancels 2012 Racing Season

Irwindale Speedway Cancels 2012 Racing Season

Irwindale Speedway just didn’t see many days like the ones in the above photo, taken back in 2006 at a Formula Drift event, the series that has given the track its nickname of “The House of Drift.” Now it appears that no such drifting will be going on this year.

Rumors were flying over the weekend that Irwindale was being closed permanently, or that it was just an ownership swap and that business would continue as usual. But today the track finally released an official statement, albeit a brief one, that they’ll be canceling the 2012 race season.

This past Saturday, the grandstands in the pit area were taken down while the offices at the track were cleaned out and emptied onto moving trucks. The canceling of the 2012 race season marks the end of stock car and NASCAR-sanctioned short track racing in the LA County. It also means that we won’t be seeing an exhilarating season finale for Formula D.

But it appears that Irwindale Speedway will get a new owner in due time, and that the L. A. Racing Experience driving school believes it will have no effect on them. “It doesn’t,” Jim Cohan, CEO of L.A. Racing Experience said. “We look forward to working with the next owner for sure. I do not see racing finished here. I see too many people that love the sport.”

The biggest blow to the track was when Toyota decided not to continue as the title sponsor at the end of the 2011 season. Hopefully things will turn around for the track over the course of this year.

[Source: ESPN]

  • joe klizo

    Bring it back now ! It was a great place for a family outing.