Jaguar XKR-S May Get Race Focused Special Edition

Jaguar XKR-S May Get Race Focused Special Edition

Jaguar is considering taking its XKR-S to the next level of race inspired performance; a feat we didn’t think was possible. Jaguar has announced that they are considering a special edition XKR-S designed specifically for race day.

The special edition XKR-S will be designed for the customer who wants to spend a day at the track, and drive home at night in the same car. To achieve this Jaguar will likely remove the rear seats, replace the front two seats with proper racing seats, add unique gauges, add a fire suppression system and possibly outfit the car with a full roll cage. While much of this is speculation, it seems that all these changes and add ons would be the obvious choices to make the XKR-S an even more track ready car. The exterior will likely also get some added flare with a bigger rear spoiler and possibly a new ground effects kit.

The specially outfitted XKR-S would be built by Jaguar owned Engineered to Order(ETO) group, who produce bespoke cars for high value Jag customers.

Watch for this specially outfitted supercar at the Geneva or possibly the Paris motor show.

[Source: Car and Driver]