Judge Caught Dismissing Her Own Traffic Tickets

Judge Caught Dismissing Her Own Traffic Tickets

Being a judge has certain perks, but dismissing your own traffic tickets isn’t one of them.

A Pennsylvania judge has learned that her job’s fringe benefits don’t include dismissing personal traffic tickets – she faces criminal charges for allegedly trying to get out of paying various driving violations.

According to Attorney General Linda Kelly, Magisterial District Judge Kelly Ballentine of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is up on charges of conflict of interest, tampering with public records and obstruction. The tickets in question include parking violations in front of her home and an expired registration on her BMW.

After summonses were sent to Ballentine when she didn’t pay her tickets, she accessed the online court system records and dismissed these summonses. She has been arraigned and released on a $25,000 bond.

[Source: Reuters]