Kia Track’ster Birth Chronicled on Video

Kia Track’ster Birth Chronicled on Video

The Kia Track’ster was arguably the most interesting new vehicle at the Chicago Auto Show this year. Based on the Kia Soul, this compact racer has undeniable good looks.

The Track’ster took nine months to design, but the end product is evidence of the designers efforts. This video walks through every step of the process which takes quite a few people’s input into account.

Concept designs are some of the hardest work car companies will put in because each piece needs to be designed and manufactured by hand. Then, once all the parts are made, each piece is checked over to make sure it perfectly fits the specifications it was built to. Once the car is assembled it is gone over with a fine-toothed comb to check for errors. The process is gruelling and puts any company’s commitment to the test.

Watch the video of the making of the Kia Track’ster after the jump.

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  • Chuck Irwin

    Would buy the Tracksster in a New York minute. You guys hit a home run.

  • johnny balash

    My dream job was always automotive design so I have a sweet spot for concept cars. This Kia concept definately got me going by the announcement of it being awd and I think they said something around 250hp. My mom originally got me aware of the Kia Soul because she was thinking about one and really liked the styling so she asked me what I thought about it. Depite being well versed in almost every auto made now and through history I had to respond with the answer of I dont know. I had yet to see one on the street(this is back when they first came out)and my only real knowledge of Kia came from sadly underpowered 4 cylinder motors and generic styling so I didnt really follow Kia untill then. The Soul really impressed me as it wasnt a sporty car,but yet it also didnt give off the “soccer mom” or “grocery gette” vibe. So I was able to tell her that I would highly recommend the Kia as a uniquely styled and reliable ride that she should be happy to own. I came across the Detroit Auto Show footage of the Track’ster and was blown away. It cleaned up the styling of the Soul and gave it,pardon the pun,even more Soul. It is a Soul squared. It really focused on the area that probably swayed a lot of Soul buyers away and that is the performance aspect. As awd seems to be the more common norm now in performance cars and giving it the power to run with or pass the competitors it really is the Soul for the people who want more. There really is a market for the Soul and Trackster, I could see the family that goes to get new cars and the mom gets the Soul because of lower cost and not needing all that extra power and then the dad getting the Trackster to help ease that notion that because he has a family he has to give up on high performance autos and to also get the unique styling to impress the kids and the co-workers. As a guy that worked in car dealerships when both Hyundai and Kia where coming to our market I have to say how impressed I am with both at how they really have come to know what us Americans want and providing it to us. The Track’ster really looks to be something that even I would love to own.

  • Mirandarandy

    cant wait to get it.. looks fun to drive and very agile and peppy, just like me.. come on baby, come to san juan pr… i am waiting for u. 🙂

  • Mirandarandy

    very nice, cant wait to get it

  • Diego

    no entiendo porque las ruedas traseras son mas anchas que las delanteras si es traccion trasera, solo para vista…