Lamborghini ‘MLC’ Tipped as Name of Lambo SUV

Lamborghini ‘MLC’ Tipped as Name of Lambo SUV

Leaked photos and believable rumors of a Beijing Motor Show debut for Lambo’s upcoming SUV and now this: a name. According to at least one report, the successor to the LM002 will be called the MLC – or at least the concept will wear that badge.

Based on the same platform as the Porsche Cayenne (and Audi Q7, and VW Touareg and the upcoming Bentley SUV), the MLC is expected to make extensive use of carbon fiber to keep weight to a minimum. That will add cost, but Lambo isn’t likely to care, with the MLC certain to start well above the $107,000 sticker price of the Cayenne Turbo.

Likely to arrive in production form by 2015 reports AutoExpress, it could arrive sooner using the Gallardo’s 5.2-liter V10 engine to produce well over 500-hp. A hybrid model is also reportedly in the product plan with over 600 horses bulls.

The third model in Lambo’s product range, the company is still considering a fourth, based on the Estoque sedan concept, which could find its way into production shortly after by sharing many of its components with the MLC.

Look for more on Lambo’s new SUV with the Beijing Auto Show set for April.

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