Lexus Launches Points Of No Return Facebook App

Lexus Launches Points Of No Return Facebook App
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If you’re a Facebook user, you may be dreading your profile’s eventual move to the new “Timeline” look. Not so with Lexus – the automaker is proving itself a social media trendsetter by offering a Timeline-inspired Facebook app.

The Points of No Return app was designed to allow Lexus to connect with its fans on a more personal level, as well as highlighting the all-new 2013 Lexus GS and showcasing big moments in social media, technology and design history. Lexus is the first brand to offer a Timeline-inspired application and one of the first to incorporate Facebook’s new Gestures platform.

The Points of No Return app will be an easy way for fans around the world to connect and engage with the brand. It utilizes Facebook’s new custom Open Graph and it features “I Want This,” “I Own This,” and “I Remember This” buttons on each item in the timeline. Once you click on a button, your response will be shared as a story on your personal Facebook Timeline.

Check out the Points of No Return app on Facebook. And while you’re there, don’t forget to like AutoGuide!