Lexus Says No to Cheap Cars, But Hints at Baby RX

Lexus Says No to Cheap Cars, But Hints at Baby RX

Lexus is a top of line car company focusing on performance and luxury, and the Japanese automaker plans to keep it that way.

It seems there is a trend emerging of high end car companies offering lower priced cars, an attempt it seems to coerce some customers who would have never planned on stepping into a luxury brand in the past. The newest example of this being the Acura ILX, which does not have official pricing yet, but will sell for “well under $30,000” says the company.

Lexus recognizes the trend, but does not see the need to sell cheap cars, as it would cheapen the brand and the image of Lexus and Toyota. “I don’t think [entry-luxury] is a focus of ours right now,” said Brian Smith, Lexus’ vice-president of marketing. “Other manufacturers have a reason for going there. Some might be customer demand; some might be government regulation.”

Smith adds that the company would rather focus on building a better quality product, like the all new GS flagship line, than try and expand its market. It makes sense when you consider that Scions and Toyotas can both be had for fairly cheap prices, so it seems pointless for Lexus to even try to reach out to a cheaper market.

The only example of a Lexus slotting in at what some might call an affordable price point is the CT200h, starting at just $29,120.

Moving forward, Lexus’ focus will be expanding existing product lines to better suit the needs of its customers. “I would love to see the RX family grow. We don’t have specifics, but it’s a very capable vehicle, and it’s a broad section of the market,” added Smith, which hints at the possibility of a baby RX SUV.

[Source: Kicking Tires]

  • titania

    The mass majority of their sales are the RX & ES – the IS to a smaller degree. They have intro’ed to FWD cheapo models: HS & CT. They cannot afford to make any more cheap models … Mercedes E & S class sell quite well, not just the C — BMW relies more heavily on the 3 but its sales distribution is a lot more evened out than Lexus.