Lexus TORI 500 Racing App Puts the Fun in Your Hands – Video

Lexus TORI 500 Racing App Puts the Fun in Your Hands – Video

Recently Lexus announced the creation of the Tori 500 track, inspired by swimsuit model Tori Praver’s curvaceous body. At the time of that release, Lexus teased that a TORI 500 app would be available for iOS devices, and now here it is.

The TORI 500 racing app allows iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users to enjoy driving a virtual Lexus GS sedan around a virtual Tori Praver. Of course the racetrack in the game is the one created by Tori Praver’s body and the 3D image of the supermodel might not be the best of things to show off to your significant other.

Lexus also released another app that allows users to place the swimsuit model into their own photos with a click of a button. Oh the beauty of today’s technology. The Japanese automaker is the Official Automotive Marketing Partner of SI Swimsuit. Cars and beautiful women in bikinis, what more could a guy ask for?

Download the TORI 500 app here and the Supermodeled app here.

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And in case you missed it, watch the creation of the Tori 500 race track below:

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