Lotus Convertible Hinted For Geneva Motor Show

Lotus Convertible Hinted For Geneva Motor Show

More energized than ever, this morning Lotus PR announced a high-profile event at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.

Providing little more than an unusual image of a hat tan, bikini top, and a bottle of sunscreen(seen above), Lotus says, “Our philosophy has always been ‘less is more’. Now, with a display of true fighting spirit, we’ll take this one step further in Geneva.”

Providing a riddle, Lotus used ‘who’, ‘where’, and ‘when’ descriptors to identify the time and location of the Lotus press conference at Geneva. As for the ‘what’, it is “something breezy, something loud, something ice-cold, and some other interesting elements.” Finally, Lotus answers to ‘why’ with, “because we’ll blow the top off.”

To complement the exciting Geneva announcement, Lotus CEO Dany Bahar is engaged in a project to completely redefine the legendary British sports car company, though his ambitions have been hindered by more challenges than most.

Last month, Lotus’ Malaysian parent company Proton sold 43 percent of its shares to DRB-Hicom. DRB-Hicom currently continues its process to acquire Proton and Lotus completely. According to Malaysian law, the process for a change-of-ownership requires 60 days, during which time Lotus will not have access to Proton’s funds.

Despite this setback, Bahar told Autocar that Lotus will have complete support from DRB-Hicom, “We have explained our plans to the new owner, and have been told to keep going as we are. The immediate problem is to manage the cash in the business carefully during the 60-day pause, but I am confident that this is a technical issue.”

Of alleged suitors and the state of the Lotus brand aside from their parent company’s sale, Bahar also said to the best of his knowledge, nobody was about to buy the the brand.

“You’d have to consider the market implications before deciding to sell. Right now, we have crazy demand for the latest Exige– 383 orders already. The Evora GTE will be homologated by May, and we have 200 orders for that. Things are looking promising. Our new gearbox is on the dyno and our new V8 supercar engine is running and progressing on schedule. We will have supercar prototypes to test in May. We’ve spent so much money already that it would be silly to write it off.”

As for the murky message, we’re assuming that Lotus will be revealing a convertible. More details will be provided when time gets closer to Geneva.

GALLERY: Lotus Evora GTE


[Source: Autocar]