Mazda Miniature SUV in the Works

Mazda Miniature SUV in the Works

Mazda has been having some financial troubles recently and need something new to help them recover. The company hopes that this savior is a mini sized CX-5 (shown above) SUV offering. A miniature CX-5 is now under development, a Mazda insider told car advice, and is looking to capitalize on the current boom in small SUV sales.

The pint sized CX-5 will likely be called the CX-3, and will aim to take on the Ford Ecosport and the Opel Mokka on the global markets.“It is common sense [to build it]. We have to develop this vehicle, whether we call it CX-2, CX-3 or CX-4,” said a Mazda spokesperson. The CX-3 will share its platform with the Mazda2 city car.

The baby Mazda will be designed primarily for the European market, although Americans have shown that there is a demand for this type of vehicles on our shores as well. “We are now developing a more compact SUV [than the CX-5] – more for Europe and we must imagine emerging markets … Eastern Europe, South America, India,” said Mazda. The CX-3 may make its way to the US, but it will start its sales in Europe.

A small company like Mazda needs to be very pro-active in its vehicle market placement, and because of its recent economic downturn, there is no margin for error on this newest small SUV venture.

[Source: CarAdvice]