Mercedes A-Class Interior Revealed with iPad-Like Display

Mercedes A-Class Interior Revealed with iPad-Like Display

Mercedes-Benz has released two interior photos of the 2013 A-Class today, ahead of its official reveal at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. We have already seen the exterior of the A-Class, accidentally revealed by a biker who happened to cruise by the uncovered Benz on a photo shoot.

Mercedes is taking smartphone and iPhone integration to the next level in its newest generation A-Class, revealing its marketing plan to be more youth oriented than ever before. The dashboard in the A-Class, with its protruding, independently mounted screen, looks like it takes its design cues from an iPad. Thanks to downloadable iPhone apps, all of the features and functions of your phone can be accessed through the Mercedes’ integrated infotainment system.

The iPhone SIRI voice recognition system will also be available for use with the car, and can control the A-Class’ controls and settings as well as be used to access the internet. One of the more interesting features is called car finder, an app on your phone which stores your cars location and will direct you back to it wherever you may be.

GALLERY: A-Class Interior

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