Mercedes Viano Interactive Ad Campaign is Extremely Clever – Video

Mercedes Viano Interactive Ad Campaign is Extremely Clever – Video

Inside Berlin’s Friedrichstrasse underground subway station, German luxury automaker Mercedes-Benz launched one of the more clever advertising campaigns we’ve seen to date. Dubbed “Key to Viano”, commuters are able to use their own vehicle keys to control the digital advertising displays.

By recognizing car key signals through a radio receiver, a new film clip starts each time a signal is received. To set everything up for the interactive campaign, 12 digital advertising displays were installed and the underground station went through an extensive overhaul that was accomplished in collaboration with WallDecaux Berlin.

Basically, each time someone pushes their remote key near one of the displays, the side door of the digital Viano opens and different kinds of passengers come out, ranging from female body builders to sumo wrestlers to robots. The goal, of course, is to show off just how much room the Viano has inside.

Taking the “interaction” up a notch, if a person triggers the chauffeur clip, they are then escorted by the Mercedes-Benz promotional team on location to a Viano waiting outside the station for an all expenses paid trip to wherever they are heading.

Watch a video of the Key to Viano campaign in action after the break.

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