Mobile Site Updated for

Mobile Site Updated for

New EPA labels have had QR codes for users to scan with their smart-phones since 2011, but an update to the mobile site of allows users to take the next step in fuel savings.

Using on your smartphone now gives you more options than ever before. Users can not only browse the EPA numbers of new and older cars, but can also personalize the information of each car to reflect that driver’s commute.

That means that you can plug in the cost of gas in your neighborhood, the distance of your commute, and your annual driving habits to reflect what the annual cost of fuel would be for your individual situation. Additionally, you can modify the percentage of city and highway driving you do to understand how many miles per gallon a car could bring you.

Another new feature that helps people who aren’t interested in buying a new car is the “Your MPG” feature. Now users can log their own MPG right at the pumps. The old process had users doing it when they got home to use the full desktop site.

The information you use in the “Your MPG” section of the site can be used to help users find out real world MPG information on cars from actual drivers instead of EPA estimates.

Lastly the updated mobile site includes “Gas Mileage Tips” in order for you to save cash with better driving habits.