Mystery German Electric Sports Car Spied Testing – Spy Photos

Mystery German Electric Sports Car Spied Testing – Spy Photos

There’s not a lot of mystery in the auto industry. Automakers release info on cars before they debut, and with leaked info and spy photos, even then, there’s often little that’s unknown about a new model before it arrives.

And then there’s this… a mysterious German electric vehicle spotted testing in Northern Europe. In fact, we wouldn’t even know it was an EV were it not for the stickers declaring so on the side of the car (a safety precaution mandated to make first responders aware in case of an emergency). The fact that the sticker says “electric vehicle” in German seems to indicate the car’s country of origin.

Styling of the car looks like something almost classic, like a Morgan or Weismann, while we’ll admit there’s a bit of French design flare here as well. The most likely option, however, is that it’s a new model by Smart. Of note, the body placed on this vehicle is certainly misleading, as the rear fenders appear to be almost a foot wider than the car, with the wheels recessed significantly.

Out spy photographers have reported that the test was very secretive, with the car taking just one lap of a test track before being hidden away.

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  • lee

    Looks like a Lotus to me

  • Tommy


    1) The tail lamps have been sourced from lotus ala Gordon Murray Design T25/T27/Teewave AR1.
    2) The headlamps are arranged in two pairs, ala Gordon Murray Design T25/T27/Teewave AR1.
    3) What would usually be the door frame has the windshield attatched suggesting a single front-hinged canopy style door ala Gordon Murray Design T25/T27.

    I could go on but I think you get the point.

    It is one of Gordon Murray’s new iSTREAM cars. Out of the 8
    confirmed we have only seen 3 thus far (T25, T27, and T32 aka Teewave AR1)

    It is another prototype from gordon murray