New Mercedes A-Class Caught on Camera [Video]

New Mercedes A-Class Caught on Camera [Video]

Mercedes-Benz may have overestimated its latest commercial shoot’s seclusion and the public’s pension for sharing videos online.

A cyclist sporting a GoPro camera stumbled across a Mercedes-Benz video shoot and started recording right away. The shooter hit the jackpot by spying the all new Mercedes A-class without camouflage.

We saw the A-class concept at last year’s New York Auto Show, and the production version will bow this year at the Geneva Auto Show in early March.

It looks as though the production A-class shed a few of the sporty features we saw on the concept in favor of a boxier more consumer friendly design. The car we see in the video has a body kit and large alloy wheels which would lead us to believe that it’s probably the AMG sports package.

Watch the video after the jump and tell us what you think of the new A-class in the comments section below.

GALLERY: Mercedes A-Class Concept

Mercedes Concept A-Class 01.JPGMercedes Concept A-Class 03.JPGMercedes Concept A-Class 04.JPGMercedes Concept A-Class 06.JPGMercedes Concept A-Class 08.JPGMercedes Concept A-Class 12.JPG

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  • John Reynolds

    It looks kind of like a generic Mazda ! Of course thats my opinion, but then there will be people who really like it.That is human nature.

  • David Stearns

    RE: The A Class shown. Why?

  • John Parker

    I work for Mercedes-Benz and yes, it may look like every other similar sized car on the market but we need this. We’re getting left behind by the likes of Audi and BMW because they have the 1 Series, A1 and A3.

    Let’s face it, it’s better looking than the model we’ve got now.

    We’d of been releasing teaser brochures in the next few months anyway, so no great shock.