New Porsche GT3 May Get PDK Transmission Only

New Porsche GT3 May Get PDK Transmission Only
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Reports are coming in that the next-generation Porsche 911 GT3 that is set to debut next year could be offered with a PDK transmission only. The 911 project chief, August Achleitner, recently confirmed that the German automaker’s motorsport division is testing both manual and PDK transmissions on the new GT3 and that only one of the two will make it to market.

Achleitner acknowledged that the PDK is looking like the favorite to be the only transmission to be offered on the new GT3 and that 30-percent of current 911 sales are manual transmission-equipped vehicles. He went so far as to say that when they launched the new Turbo S without a manual, they did not receive a single complaint. Too bad we were a little disappointed to even see that the Porsche Panamera Turbo S wouldn’t have a manual transmission option.

Lastly, Achleitner also confirmed that the next-generation GT2 and GT3 will have a variant of the electromechanical steering system found on the new Carrera.

[Source: Inside Line]