Next-Gen BMW 7 Series to Use Carbon Fiber

Next-Gen BMW 7 Series to Use Carbon Fiber

Used to aid performance and improve efficiency through reduced weight, carbon fiber is increasingly finding its way into modern vehicles. Holding back a more mainstream adoption of the high-tech material is its price.

It should come as little surprise then that BMW isn’t too concerned, especially when it comes to spendy luxury barges like the BMW 7 Series. That said, it’s even less of a surprise that the German automaker has now confirmed carbon fiber elements will make an appearance on the next-generation of its flagship sedan.

In an interview, BMW R&D boss Klaus Draeger commented that following the extensive use of carbon fiber in the i3 and i8 models, the 7 Series will be the first “mainstream” Bimmer to use weave. Previously, only exotic M models, like the all-new 2013 M6, saw the use of carbon fiber components; used for the roof in this circumstance.

While no confirmation has been given, look for the roof, hood and trunk lid to be made of carbon fiber, when the next 7 Series arrives some time around 2015.

[Source: AutoCar]