Next Generation Tesla Roadster Won’t Come Until 2015

Next Generation Tesla Roadster Won’t Come Until 2015

Tesla is currently making headlines with the debut of the new Model X, but many are probably wondering when the next generation Roadster is coming. Well, apparently not anytime soon, according to Tesla Chairman and CEO Elon Musk.

Musk disclosed on Thursday that a replacement roadster won’t come until Tesla has launched its “Gen 3” electric car, which will be a smaller, less-expensive EV for the mass market. In a recent interview with Inside Line, Musk mentioned that he would like to have a third-generation Tesla ready for the market by 2015.

“I have to be careful here,” Musk told Inside Line. “This is our aspiration, not a definite date,” he said. Tesla originally had planned to bring the third-generation of their automobiles to market in 2016, “but now we’re thinking early 2015.”

[Source: Inside Line]

  • Phx Eaa

    good news, the sooner the better for the 3rd Gen Tesla Model C, 25% smaller than an S !