Nissan Shows Off “Common Module Family” Strategy

Nissan Shows Off “Common Module Family” Strategy

In a bid to save money over the long run, Nissan has hatched up a plan that involves a versatile platform which will be the underpinnings for many new models.

Nissan has unveiled its “Nissan Common Module Family” concept, which consists of four variable modules: engine compartment, cockpit, front underbody and rear underbody. Nissan says that vehicles can be efficiently designed by combining these modules in different ways.

This concept will help the company bring new technology and features to its models at a lower cost, with vehicles developed on this platform hopefully entering the market as soon at 2013.

Vehicles that can be made under this strategy include: MPV’s, SUVs, Sedans and Hybrids.

This strategy is new to Nissan, but has been seen across the automotive industry. Volkswagen Auto Group has its MQB platform which will help supply up to 60 models. Ford also has the One Ford strategy, which is the C-segment platform that underpins the Focus, sharing it’s platform with up to 10 different models.