Nissan Spec Z Series Launched for 350Z Owners

Nissan Spec Z Series Launched for 350Z Owners

Now that the 2003-2008 Nissan 350Z can be hand at a much more affordable price through the used car market, sports car enthusiasts nationwide are hopping behind the wheel of one for fun. Clearly the National Auto Sport Association (NASA) and Nissan North America were well aware of the abundance of 350Z enthusiasts, creating an all-new Spec Z series exclusively for those owners.

The Spec Z class will include all trim levels of the 2003-2008 model year 350Zs, which is worth noting that 370Zs with the more powerful HR motor are not invited to participate. NASA wants to keep it a level playing field, focusing on close competition, parity and cost containment in order to “showcase driving ability and car setup skills.”

The Spec Z series will have a comprehensive contingency program, awarding both Regional and National Championship competitors. Of course, Nissan Motorsports will be providing support for the entire series with cash rewards of up to $850 for the top three finishers at each regional event. Nissan Motorsports will also be providing $6,500 in cash support to the top Spec Z finishers at the 2012 NASA Championships.

Rubber of choice will come from BFGoodrich, as their tires will be the control tire for the Spec Z series. BFG will also be creating a generous contingency prize program for the series.

“We are very excited about Spec Z,” said Jeremy Croiset, NASA Sponsorship Manager. “We have been working closely with Nissan Motorsports on the creation of Spec Z, and it will be an excellent series for anyone looking to step into a spec vehicle that’s fast and relatively inexpensive to build, maintain and race. With the fantastic contingency prize programs that are being provided for Spec Z, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more rewarding spec series to race in. We look forward to watching Spec Z grow and flourish in the coming years as more racers adopt this new formula.”

If you’re a Nissan 350Z owner and interested in the rules for the new Spec Z series, please click here. NASA and Nissan did announce that additional contingency prize programs are still being finalized and will be announced shortly.