Porsche European Delivery Program Adds New Perks

Porsche European Delivery Program Adds New Perks

Purchasing a brand-new Porsche is an occasion in and of itself, but now the German sports car maker is offering a new European delivery treatment available at no extra cost.

Customers can choose from two available starting points– the Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen facility where the 911, Boxster, and Cayman are built, or the Panamera and Cayenne assembly plant located in Leipzig, Germany. The new Porsche owners are first taken on a factory tour to see how the cars are assembled and receive a detailed explanation of new features found in Porsche automobiles. Visitors that chose Leipzig get to drive on the Porsche test track or take a Cayenne through Porsche’s own off-roading course. Meanwhile, visitors of Stuttgart receive free admission for a tour at the Porsche Museum.

Customers who chose the European delivery experience also receive two weeks of insurance and temporary registration to enjoy their brand new Porsche on the open roads. While customers must still pay for their own travel and lodging expenses during the program, Porsche can arrange for reduced-rate packages for their stay. Finally, when the European delivery experience is complete, Porsche will Dave Colemantake back the car and prepare it for shipment to the client’s most convenient Porsche dealership back in the United States.

For the rare opportunity to take a Porsche across the Swiss alps or to exploit its potential across the autobahn, we can’t imagine why a Porsche buyer wouldn’t check off this option.


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