Ray LaHood Further Distracts Distracted Drivers

Ray LaHood Further Distracts Distracted Drivers

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood doesn’t like seeing people using cell phones behind the wheel, but who does?

It poses danger to everyone in the immediate vicinity, including the reckless chatterbox in question. What, then, should be done if you happen upon one of these miscreants during your morning commute?

LaHood has the answer: pull up to the offender and test your car horn’s limits. Hold the sucker down until your noise overpowers the conversation in violation. Why not, what harm could come of such vigilantism?

While that might be more agressive than what he actually does, LaHood said he drives around Washington on the weekends, seeking out cell phone users in the hopes of honking at them. He sees it as a personal responsibility of sorts.

After all, calling the police in that situation is both hypocritical and illegal. There aren’t any reports that LaHood’s weekend hobby has caused a crash, but thinking there’s a raging maniac beside you might be good cause to look away from the road. Here’s to hoping that nothing bad happens.

[Source: WTOP]

  • Bill Perkins

    I think most people are pretty well adapted at ignoring car horns. I doubt it’s caused anyone to wreck. If horns caused wrecks, why are they installed in every vehicle?

  • Howie Johnson

    Um, duh. Because every car has to be able to make noise when Ray wants it to… OBVIOUS!

  • Gill

    Ray LaHood is a troublemaker and a blowhard.

  • mr Getto

    Don’t you mean a honk hard?