Scion FR-S Commercial Almost De-Railed by Deer [Video]

Scion FR-S Commercial Almost De-Railed by Deer [Video]

We recently reported that Scion shot a new commercial for their upcoming FR-S sports car with Ken Gushi behind the wheel. What we didn’t know at the time was that Gushi had a hair raising experience with a deer while on the shoot.

And of course the cameras were rolling as he drove through some winding mountain roads in Northern California, and Scion has decided to share the video with the rest of the world. It’s crazy just how close of a call Gushi had with the deer while filming. Luckily Gushi, the deer and the FR-S were unharmed while making the commercial…at least as far as we know!

Watch the video clip after the break and try your best not to gasp.

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