Scion FR-S Getting Gaming Integration

Scion FR-S Getting Gaming Integration

Toyota GT 86 chief engineer Tetsuya Tada is turning to the virtual world in hopes of making cars fun for the younger generation.

It might come as a surprise to our readers, but there are actually people out there who couldn’t care less about cars or driving them. In fact, the man behind one of the cars we’re most excited about, the Toyota GT 86, or Scion FR-S as it will be called here, has two sons who fit that description.

Tada’s plan is to allow people driving the FR-S to sync up driving data via the controller area network bus in their car with their home gaming console or computer. We’re not exactly sure how it will work yet, but that data will translate into people being able to “drive in the real world against a virtual F1 driver. They can have fun with the data,” he said.

“Manufacturers like to blame young people for having no interest in cars. Maybe we should blame ourselves,” he said. “Manufacturers provided boring cars and focused on older people, because this is where the money is. We have abandoned young people.”

We’re not sure what he’s worried about, considering the FR-S is going to be a budget-conscious rear-wheel drive sports car, but it will be hard to argue with anything that lets us take our rides to task both in and out of the real world.

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