Scion FR-S Website for Canadians, But Why?

Scion FR-S Website for Canadians, But Why?

Last week Scion launched a new online campaign that showed off their darling sports car the FR-S. Visitors were given the opportunity to interact with the car in several ways, similar to any car’s configuration site.

This is unique because the Scion FR-S hasn’t come out yet in North America and likely won’t for be on sale until later this year. The site showed off the different colors, the history and the praise that the car is getting from the automotive press us included. There’s just one odd thing about the site: it’s Canadian.

It’s no mistake. Go to and you’ll be greeted with a message from web host GoDaddy, asking if you’re interested in buying the domain. Scion hasn’t even registered the site’s domain. But go to and you’ll get to experience the whole she-bang.

Why would Scion go through all this trouble for a couple of sweater-wearing, hockey-playing Canucks? Is Canada the right audience for Scion’s new lightweight rear-wheel drive sports car?

We went to Scion Canada for some answers. Scion Canada helped clear things up.

“We knew a lot of customers would be looking to purchase sports cars between March and May, before the arrival of the FR-S. We knew consumers couldn’t decide without having seen the car, so the next best thing was to take consumers to the car,” Scion said

“We’ve given consumers an inside view of what it takes to make a great sports car, letting them explore everything about the vehicle they’re considering. More than just pictures and specs, we included the history to delineate the performance heritage behind our latest sports car.”

It sounds a lot like what every car company considers when deciding to devote a chunk of web-space to a single car, but why Canada?

Accordin to Scion Canada, studies conducted in 2010 found that Canadians spend more time online than any other country, up to 42 hours a month.

“This is even more important for Scion, given that Scion has one of the youngest demographics in the industry. We wanted to present information in a way that’s relevant, so we had to be engaging, informative and exclusive. This was the best way we could do that,” Scion Canada said.

So there you have it: Canadian’s spend more time surfing the internet for, um, cars and therefore deserve cooler sites than Americans, eh.

  • Claude

    And I suppose if you , Americans , have had the coolest site , it would have been perfect ? can you ask for a more cooler site and not denigrate Canadians you jealous 🙂

  • Richard Joash Tan

    Wow somebody is a little anti-Canadian. Dare I say ignorant American?

  • Tim

    My girlfriend and I think the expression “Dutch oven” is stupid, because there really IS such a thing as a Dutch oven. We use the term “Canadian oven.”

  • Curtis

    Too bad Americans aren’t smart enough to realize that if Canadians spend more time online than any other nation, perhaps making an article discriminating us is a pretty bad idea considering were the majority of your market?

  • What he is trying to say is that Canada is a TINY market, so why would scion launch their website up there to sell about 9 cars.

  • Shark62

    Thanks Curtis. Entire article pisses me off as a Canadian. You sound jealous.

    Hey look at that, 3 comments, at least two Canadians. Crazy. You got both Canucks in one post! Asshole.

  • Jonny_Vancouver

    Gentlemen please, as a fellow Canadian let me point out that this is what corporations do, they look at stats and crunch numbers and then act accordingly, often times getting it wrong. No need to get ornery. Besides, this is merely an attempt to sell more cars so let’s not let something like this divide our attention from what’s important: our shared passion for driving, and in the end that’s what should be celebrated because that’s what will bring us together. Whether it be at car shows, organised meets, or even just the local Tim Horton’s parking lot. The important thing to remember is that car companies are starting to make great drivers cars again and we should all be happy about that.