Sebastian Vettel’s Dominance is Hurting F1 Says Bernie Ecclestone

Sebastian Vettel’s Dominance is Hurting F1 Says Bernie Ecclestone

In the 2010 F1 season, Sebastian Vettel was crowned the youngest F1 champion ever at the final race. A year later, the German Red Bull driver had absolutely no problems defending his championship, locking it in with three races to go.

Formula One’s head honcho, Bernie Ecclestone, doesn’t seem pleased with how things went last year. Ecclestone is hoping that this season’s championship will go down to the final race in Brazil.

It’s not so much that Ecclestone wants a new F1 champion, but more that he wants the series to have life at the end of the season. Ecclestone believes that Vettel’s recent dominance of the sport could be harming it as interest wanes further on in the year if the championship is decided early.

“We always say this, but I hope the last race is going to be the one where the championship is won,” Ecclestone said Thursday. “We don’t want what happened last year, which was not too good … The only person that would say no to that would be Sebastian, but I think everybody else would agree with it.”

He went on to elaborate, “But it wasn’t good. I am surprised we survived with (the TV ratings) we got right at the end. I often wonder whether people watch because of the championship or watch because of the particular race.”

Before Vettel, Lewis Hamilton claimed the crown in 2008 and Jenson Button was the 2009 champion. Button finished second last season, Hamilton was fifth.

[Source: ESPN]

  • Dan

    Ecclestone needs to stop talking, close seasons in 07, 08, 09 and yet he implements constant rule changes, leave the sport be.

  • Chad

    F1? What’s that? Thanks to Ecclestone’s — aka, Satan — arrogance, a great many Americans could care less about the FIA. We have NASCAR. We have NHRA. We have SCCA. We have a gaggle of others organizations keeping us entertained.

  • Paul

    TV ratings – well they are going to take a bit of a dive in the UK now that the BBC gave it away to Sky. So Bernie aught to keep an eye on that situation if he is worried about TV ratings.