SRT Showcases 2013 Viper ‘Stryker’ Logo

SRT Showcases 2013 Viper ‘Stryker’ Logo

The Viper is one of the rare vehicles to adorn a new logo for each major redesign, sporting “Sneaky Pete” on the original, and “Fangs” on the second gen. For the new 2013 Viper, the first under the SRT badge instead of Dodge, the “Stryker” logo has been designed to celebrate the new direction.

Chrysler designer Vince Galante is the talented artist behind the logo, providing the graphic depth and dimension while retaining the sinister look and “evil grin” of the original snake. A young designer still in his 20s, Galante revealed his Transformers and Thundercats influences,  “I never looked at images of the Thundercats while I was doing the new Logo, but after the fact, I realize that the new design has some elements of those graphics, but more intentionally has some lines that reflect the new Viper.”

Chosen from nearly 20 variations of the Snake badge, head of SRT Design Mark Trostle said, “Vince actually brought his pencil sketch to both Joe (Dehner) and me to review. We both said, ‘That’s it.’ We knew Vince had created a new icon. The new Stryker badge is the most refined, sinister looking and beautiful badge yet, just like the shape of the car.”

Expect the next generation SRT Viper at the New York International Auto Show in April.

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