Strong Demand for Manual Equipped Ford Focus

Strong Demand for Manual Equipped Ford Focus

A few weeks ago, American automaker Ford confirmed that it would be equipping the Focus Titanium model with a manual transmission option in addition to its S and SE trim models. Ford now believes that the manual-equipped Focuses will account for nearly 10-percent of its sales.

Even though the Focus is only getting a five-speed manual option, as opposed to the more popular six-speeds seen today, Ford’s estimation of sales continues to climb from its initial 4.5-percent figure. Today, Ford believes that demand has risen to about 6.7-percent and projects that it will hit 10-percent now that the Titanium will be offered in a manual.

Prior to this, the Ford Focus Titanium was only available with a six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

[Source: Left Lane News]

  • Chad

    Real drivers choose manual. If all you want is an automated chariot to transport your princess behind to and fro, you can have your automatic. Real driving excitement and adventure begins when you take control of your car/truck.