Subaru Animates Your First Car Experience

Subaru Animates Your First Car Experience

You never forget your first car, it’s special. Now Subaru wants you to share your story. As part of its 2012 Subaru Impreza campaign, the automaker has launched, a cool site that lets you tell the story of your first car with animation.

Using an animation generator, you’re able to lovingly recreate your first car and share it with the world via an animated video, complete with music and narration. Then, using text-to-video technology, turns words and phrases into custom animations.

Here’s how it works: the site’s home page features the car generator, which you can use to recreate your first car down to the smallest detail. Then you move onto story entry page, where you type out the story behind the car. Once you’ve finished typing it out, the animation generator tool isolates key words and populates visuals. As well, you can pick key words and phrases that highlight your story.

If you really want to make your story stand out, you can a personal narrative to go along with the animation. To finish it off, you choose a soundtrack to complete the video.

And what good is a great story without an audience to view your masterpiece? It’s a good thing you can tag your Facebook friends in the video. As well, you can share the video across a variety of social media platforms and see how your story shared common elements with other stories on the user community.

Start working on your directorial debut on the website.