Subaru BRZ RA Follows in Toyota GT 86 RC Bare Footprints

Subaru BRZ RA Follows in Toyota GT 86 RC Bare Footprints

Let’s go ahead and call the Subaru BRZ the fraternal twin to the Toyota GT 86… or is it a triplet to the Scion FR-S?

Well whatever it is, the BRZ will now come in a stripped down variant just like the GT 86 RC model, but the BRZ RA will be a little more appealing with the bumpers painted.

Other than that, the BRZ RA will be just like the GT 86, coming with 16-inch steel wheels, unpainted door handles and mirror caps, no fog lights and some of the interior amenities also removed including the air conditioning and stereo. Performance-wise, the factory rear limited-slip differential has been tossed out – assuming those that purchase this model will get an aftermarket unit – and the rear brakes are no longer vented.

The Subaru BRZ RA is priced slightly higher than the Toyota GT 86 RC, coming in at 2,058,000 Yen or around $26,900 based on today’s conversion rates. Either way, it’s a whole lot less than the standard model – almost a $6,500 in savings.



[Source: Carscoop]