Subaru Takes Top Spot in 2012 Consumer Report Top Picks

Subaru Takes Top Spot in 2012 Consumer Report Top Picks

Subaru replaced Honda as the top-rated automaker by Consumer Reports today, in a bit of an upset.

Not only did the Japanese automaker known best for its efficient all-wheel drives take the top spot, but did so while the previous champion fell by several points over last year’s ratings.

The victory, then, is due not only to an improved Subaru line, but also to declining quality on Honda’s part. According to Consumer Reports, Subaru’s overall standing improved after all their vehicles met or exceeded average reliability ratings, something that saw a boost with improvements to the Impreza WRX models. At the same time, the Honda Odyssey and Civic both fell short of their predecessors, costing the company points in their standings.

In fact, Honda didn’t even take second place this year — Mazda managed to win that spot with similarly improved models.

Honda loyalists may bemoan the latest results, but at least Toyota stoics can take solace in the fact their perennial list-finalist still won five of the top 10 picks.

Finally it’s also worth mentioning that despite coming in last place, Chrysler improved eight points this year, compared to Subaru’s two-point climb to victory.

In celebration of the smaller company emerging victorious, click through our gallery of the pugnacious Impreza WRX below.

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