Suzuki Announces 2012 Geneva Auto Show Display

Suzuki Announces 2012 Geneva Auto Show Display

Suzuki is starting to promote its display at next month’s Geneva Auto Show, which will feature two new cars aimed at reducing their owner’s carbon footprint.

While both vehicles are designed for efficiency, they use different means to achieve that end. The Swift Range Extender goes about this with a strategy similar to the Chevy Volt — by using a mostly electric drivetrain that also packs a tiny 660 cc three-cylinder engine.

The G70 concept (pictured above), which is perhaps the more interesting of the two, is designed to tread lightly on the environment without such technology. Instead, Suzuki decided to build it as an ultra-light vehicle that doesn’t need much gas because there isn’t a lot to push around. The G70 only weighs a bit over 1600 pounds and is shaped to minimize drag. The company claims that it’s actually 10 percent less wind resistant than any of their current “A” segment models.

We’ll be covering the Geneva Auto Show next month and bringing you the latest as it unfolds.

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