Tesla Model S Will Not be Available to Media Before Release

Tesla Model S Will Not be Available to Media Before Release

One of the great perks of becoming an automotive journalist is the opportunity to get behind the wheel of practically any new car on the market, whether it be the latest Porsche or a Pagani Huayra.

However, Tesla has chosen not to oblige. According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk during an announcement last night, no sampling or test drives of the Tesla Model S will be allowed until customers have begun taking deliveries.

While the reason behind Tesla’s decision is unknown, investors are questioning whether the announcement suggests a lack of confidence in the Model S.

However, Musk defends that customers should not be worried. In fact, according to Musk, should any dissatisfied Tesla owner feel the need to sell their vehicle, he or she may could easily sell at a premium due to the high demand from the market.

What’s more, the recent unveiling of the Model X has further driven up Model S reservations. Revealed only last Thursday, the Model X all-electric SUV has been so well received, an astonishing $40 million worth of pre-orders were racked up the first day after it was unveiled.

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  • Listener

    If you listened to the conference call, Musk told us why the automotive “press” would not be driving the Model S prior to first delivery. The “Unknown” reason is that Tesla does not want reviews of an incomplete car.

    I believe that Tesla thinks their customers would choose to take delivery of the car before the automotive press reviews them rather than wait another month or more for delivery, and I completely agree.


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