Top 10 Most Fuel Efficient Pickup Trucks

Top 10 Most Fuel Efficient Pickup Trucks

1. Toyota Tacoma 2.7L 2WD: 22mpg

The small engine version of the Toyota Tacoma takes home the trophy today. Earning a combined 22mpg this small pickup starts at $16,875. That’s just for the 2WD version, which has an outstanding (for a pickup) 21 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway. There may be more powerful options in this list, since the Tacoma only has 159 hp, and 180 lb-ft. of torque, but nothing is as fuel-friendly as this Tacoma.

  • MajorP

    My Duramax equipped 2005 Silverado gets 17 in the city, and 23-25 on highway, thanks to EFI live tuning and a couple of carefully selected mods.
    Why no diesels?

  • Hank Hill

    Oh cool, your 2wd drive 1/4 ton ricer gets about the same as 3/4 ton 4wd diesel does on the highway… I don;t buy trucks for economy. I buy a truck for towing capacity and ability to go where I need to go. I also choose to buy American

  • Uncle B

    Many moons ago, in Canda, Datsun sold a 4 cylinder 4 speed 1/4 ton truck that was virtually indestructible.The also had a diesel engined model that was supreme – rebuildable, and durable. All had very rust prone bodies – not a good thing in Canada. We loved them worked them to death. Will they ever com back?

  • don rainville

    I think I will stay with my 1978 lincoln Mk V with a 460 17 city, and 26 hiway and only cost $900 7 years ago plus it has way more power!


    This is a glorified advertisement. These trucks suck for fuel efficiency.
    Seriously, My 92 chevy c3500 6.5l diesel gets 18mpg? 20 year old truck is in the same categorie as all of these trucks……
    These auto builders must feel quite accomplished seeing how it took them 20 years to gain 2-3mpg ……….

    What a joke!!!

  • Tundra guy

    @hank hill… You buy American, so do I. My tundra is designed in California and built in Texas… Doesn’t get much more American… Just sayin’

  • F250

    To Tundra guy – “@hank hill… You buy American, so do I. My tundra is designed in California and built in Texas… Doesn’t get much more American… Just sayin’”

    But where do the profits go???

  • Backoff

    Main office is off shore in japan. They Import all the parts and assemble it in Texas to get that made in USA sticker. Doesn’t get anymore Japanese then that. Designed, engineered and built in USA LIKE DOMINIC VEHICLES.

  • Dave Wheels

    ya profit is the bottom line…..Its still toyota and not american

  • Digger18

    Why even include V6 2WD single cabs?  Those arent real “pick up trucks”

  • Adam

    So the F-150 3.7l is a much bigger truck than the Colorado, with the same size engine, putting out 60 more HP and 36 more lb-ft of torque, yet still getting the same fuel economy. I know what my first new truck’s going to be.

  • Truckdr1a

    the thing that bothers me is my 94 chevy silverado gets the same mpg im getting about 17 city and 20-21 on the hiway,  extended cab v6 and 200,000plus miles on it. it just makes me sick with all the new tech out there and we cant beat it at least worth talking about.

  • Merton Minter

    it’s all about Economics, supply and demand. The gas Co’s are in cohootz w/the automobile industry. If The Auto industry produces vehicles that hardly need Gas to run, then the Gas Co’s Gravy train will stop coming.
    Research yields that that there is technology out there (in use today, by the knowledgable few) that gives you 100 miles to the gallon and then some. But the Oil lobbiest don’t want that Technology on the streets. Corporate America runs this country. But of course you knew that.

  • Barry

    I am currently looking for a small (3/4 size) truck with a diesel motor (a service truck).  None of the major automakers seem to provide them in North America so I am looking off shore and bringing one into Canada.  Does anyone have any experience with this and any thoughts would be of interest to me.

  • Reismcgillivray

    try to find a toyota hilux.

  • Ron Kin

    Try a mitsubishi truck,I have a 15 year old and still with me.

  • Reismcgillivray

    Whoever made this list obviously just wants to compensate for a small penis by buying a fake truck. What the hell are you going to tow with a 2.5 liter four banger? And anyone that uses a truck as a truck will choose the truck that gets decent fuel economy and more power to a shitty towing vehicle who’s mileage will go to the shitter when you get a 10mph headwind, because they have no torque. put any load on a four banger truck and you have about 3mpg city and 5mpg highway. small engine trucks are for people that don’t need a truck, but want to look like they have a truck. CASE CLOSED.

  • Jswitzer418

     small penis? i thought it was bigger the truck smaller the penis. hmmmm.

  • Spagett

    shut the fuck up faggot

  • Office

    i tow a 59 cadillac (2700kg total weight) and i notice a 1liter of gas (diesel) increase on 100km compare to driving only truck.
    in us it means i make like a 30mpg on my tacoma (hilux europan version) with 2,5L diesel engine. not every body need to tow 8000lb every day. but some need a pick up for work and to tow 2,3 times a year. and this list is not about torque or hp but about mpg

  • srichey321

    That is pretty correct.  I not interested in towing anything, but trucks are more fun to drive in traffic and it would be nice to get one with decent mpg. 

  • Adkfgdadjs

     I just need a truck to tow my dirt bike, so a 4 banger is adequate for my needs. My penis is about average size.

  • Ron Kin

    True man,I have a 4×4, 2.5L Mitsubishi truck,it provide me with what I need.What would you do with all the extra power for.

  • Gibblets09

    No Case Reopen, Your Biased, and you never had a case to begin with. First off did you ever think that some people just wanna drive a truck and do nothing else and get the best fuel economy they can. That is where a High displacement 4 banger can win, And that is where your penis can get run over by the fuel bill. 4 bangers are not meant for towing. The person who made this list did it honestly, with biased opinion for power/fuel mileage. Whether you like it or not a truck can be a truck with a 4 cylinder, and a truck can be a truck without having to haul thousands of pounds everywhere and go through your 5mpg numbers, cause that’s exactly what your getting with your 300+hp v8 while towing anyway.

  • Bobobugz

    you would be compensateing for a small penis by buying a BIG truck! Maybe like myself  who owns 2 large diesel trucks looking 4 small fuel eco truck to do service work?

  • Bobobugz

    there is a place and need 4 all size pickups if u only plan on owning only  1 give it some thought

  • Tdubs

    Your an idiot

  • cetavo

    I agree, but please learn to use a contraction before you call anyone an idiot…(you’re)

  • Joan121

    This wasn’t much help for me at all. Why buy a truck if it’s only 2WD? Our other car is a Prius and we use this for the majority of our driving, but we really need a 4WD truck for use around the farm. Where can I find a list of the most fuel efficient trucks that have 4WD?

  • Bbqranch22

    I don’t need to compensate for my small penis even though I didn’t write any of this stuff but my small penis makes me as happy as when it was a big penis but prick to prick, don’t you sometimes feel very immature ? I think people should spend their money exactly on whatever kind of truck makes them happy.

  • the happy hippy

    don’t think of it as small penis, think of it as mouth proportioned. My man’s is and he keeps me happy.

  • Vandewielf

    it’s a shame all this cosly energy wasting machines on the road, can it not a little smaller and more energy efficient ??

  • Brandon Whosville

    small trucks aren’t efficient. thats the whole point. the smaller they are the worse the efficiency.

  • P Wolsey

    I bought 2 new ford 1 ton duall wheel trucks in 1969 6 cyl. 4 spd  flatdecks hauled heavy loads daily and got 20 mpg I have a 2011 Dodge 3500 diesel with all that polution crap on it and only get 10 to12 mpg loaded  technology only seems to be helping the oil companies

  • ساشمخئ

    I want to buy a Japanese pick up for transporting goods, anybody out there who knows which one is best

  • al

    Toyota Taundra hands down the best Japanese Pick-up Truck.

  • TeamDiesel

    my truck does was better then any of thees junk gas trucks i have a 92 Dodge W250 Cummins with over 250,000 miles on it and i get 20 in town and over 24 on highway whale putting out less greenhouse gases then a prius 

  • Diesel fan

    It is true Cummins get good gas mileage

  • Ram32

     Ah, no, Cummins has a tough time running on gas.

  • Brandon Whosville

    not really. in the alternative fuel chart {from military} gasoline is actually rated HIGHER {more preferred} then that junk #2 they sell out the pump. Real diesel and ulsd not the same thing. :( a quart of oil per gallon will give the pump the lubrication it needs to run. Basically. if you can light it with a torch, a diesel will run on it.

  • the master

    All of you are little men who drive a pick up to think your bigger you have a small penise and i own a lambo losers get a life

  • Ed

    Because they use diesel not gas! Lol

  • KoZm0kNoT

    I live in suburbia but i have LOTS of landscaping and often need my truck to haul trees, shrubs, lumber and other things for the house and don’t want to shove such things in the trunk of my passenger car with a bungi cord holding down the lid (like people are always doing at Home Depot). I don’t plan on hauling a boat or a trailer full of thoroughbreds, so don’t fault me for not wanting a REAL TRUCK. Geez – not everyone has the same needs. I NEED a smaller truck I can haul my little dick items and still get to work without breaking the bank.

  • Rhitt

    I have a 2002 Frontier 4 cyl automatic. I get 25 mpg on the road.

  • Wiredoget

    I drive a ford f150 2002 with a4.2 liter v6 and get 18 in town and 23 on the highway

  • Rick

    Daily driver is a 2006 Ford Ranger. Getting about 15 MPG or less. Love the truck – really sucks gas. I was looking but the advertisement above “Nissan Frontier 4.0 2WD: 17 mpg” not much better.

  • Leonessa1122

    I have a 1984 VW Rabbit Caddy that works great and gets 55 mpg diesel. Cute as a button. I’ve seen more rust on trucks from the 2000s. 6′ bed, but low to the ground, so it is super easy to load and unload. I can tow an Airstream trailer. Dang I love that thing.

  • Tom Zegan

    I have a 1982 VW Truck with a Turbo Diesel 5-Speed that get’s 50-55 mpg. Sure wish they still made them, parts are getting harder to find but I will never sell mine.

  • boogie pop

    opinons are like azzholes.everyone has one!

  • Steve Brown

    My 96 dodge 5.9 cummings gets better than any of these and can pull a bull dozer up a hill. What good is a 4 cyl gas in a truck ?

  • Anthony D Dela Rosa

    tipid tlaga ang toyota kahit kelan.. best for maintenance.. hehe

  • Old Blue

    I have a 97 5.9 cummins 5spd, I was getting 7L per 100km which is 33mpg. It has 500K on the truck.

  • Brandon Whosville

    bullshit. have the same truck get 17

  • John Johnson

    Not too good IMO, especially the hybrid. All that expense and complication to gain what 5%?
    A proper tune and exhaust/intake work and any modern V8 can do 20mpg even with a stock slushbox.

    Diesel and 5/6 speeds are where you start gaining mpg. As others have stated 30mpg is doable even in a full size truck. When properly geared little 4 cylinder turbo diesels in small trucks (like some of these) can approach 40mpg. Not too amazing because modded VW turbo diesels have been getting 55mpg for decades.

    So 20mpg is pretty crap. I would sooner just drive a carbureted cammed 454 and get 8mpg and spend the $20k i saved on gasoline. Drive around and all you smell is unburnt fuel mmmmm. Love that.

  • Ethan

    I wish the super light duty trucks would make a comeback. I have a 91 Toyota pickup 5-speed, the thing is tiny but it still has a bed and gets me almost 35 mpg.

  • firedean

    Amen! Makes no sence. In addition, the designs were far superior to the bizzaro hulking shapes of the last ten years!

  • benjithehunter

    1. John Johnson is an idiot. 2. It’s not a truck if its 2WD. 3. Worthless article.

  • Gimmy

    why is it know one who hones a treck can spheel?

  • Clark Magnuson

    The vehicle I want is the Homer. Great gas mileage 4 cylinder off road and trailer package with back up camera.

  • JIMMy

    Anybody have any thoughts about the Mazda b-3000 pickups? It seems to be a forgotten truck.

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